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Creating abstract sculpture allows me to play - to stretch my imagination; try new materials; push some boundaries. And it often allows me to work and create with other artists, playing off their ideas and expertise to springboard into the unknown.

Twists and Turns of Fate - Abstract Sculpture by Nan Phillips
"Twists and Turns of Fate"


"Twists and Turns of Fate"
Limited Edition of 4


This piece was originally carved from StyroFoam with hot wire tools.  Great fun!


I then created a silicone mold, and cast the actual sculptures in other material.


This sculpture is a limited edition of four.


Casting #1 was cast in HydroStone - Sold.

Casting #2 is currently available for sale

12" wide x 12" deep x 14" high

"Fractured Fairy"


Fractured Fairy was a collaborative sculpture created by artists Nan Phillips, Nancy Uline, Jan Ayers Friedman and Stephen Potter, created for the Texas Sculpture Association Collaborage Exhibition at The Eisemann Center, Richardson, TX in 2010.


The object of this show was to create group-sculpture.  Each group member took the lead or start in creating one sculpture.  Then all the group members worked together to create the finished piece.  The four members of our group created four sculptures for this show.


"Fractured Fairy" was my lead piece, and was inspred by the initial "wing", which I had created some years earlier while experimenting with that particular glass, and then set aside.


The piece was created using fused and slumped glass, wire, netting, beading - lots of beading, taken from the dismantled installation sculpture "In Over Your Head" - ribbon and a metal support structure.


Working with this group of artists was a great deal of fun and allowed me to broaden my horizons as far as size and materials.


Wall Hung Sculpture

5' tall x 4' wide x 1' deep

Fractured Fairy - Abstract Sculpture for the Collaborage Exhibit at the Eisemann Center, Richardson - by Nan Phillips, Jan Ayers Friedman, Nancy Uline, and Stephen Potter
"In Over Your Head"


"In Over Your Head" was an inter-active hanging installation sculpture by Nan Phillips and Jan Ayers Friedman, created specifically for the show "Under the Influence of Water" at The Cedars Gallery, Dallas, November, 2009.


Tired of visitors being told "don't touch the sculptures," Jan and I wanted to create an interactive sculpture that people could enjoy, touch and "swim" through.


The piece was created using water-related and water-looking pieces, including vinyl water tubing, some filled with chopped, colored glass and beads, others filled with pigmented resin; and bead-strung fishing line - hundreds of feet of it!


Every strand was hung from a metal grid by shower hooks.  The support structure was masked with additional beaded, looped fishing line ... and a couple of hanging mermaids.


4' x 6' wide x 6' long


Nan Phillips and Jan Ayers Friedman in the inter-active installment sculpture In Over Your Head, The Cedars Gallery, 2009
In Over Your Head - Abstract, Inter-active Sculpture by Nan Phillips and Jan Ayers Friedman

Nan Phillips and Jan Ayers Friedman

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