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I love working three-dimensionally with various materials. Each has its own joy and technical challenges. But to feel the material, and to master it, that is the ultimate pleasure.

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Glass is a beautiful medium.  It has shine, color, texture.  It can be cut, ground, fused, dripped, molded, cast, slumped and draped.


It has technical challenges to overcome, new methods to be tried, and puzzles to be solved to push the ever-expanding envelope of fused glass techniques.


It never ceases to amaze me what can be done to glass - this brittle medium - to turn bits and pieces of color into gorgeous pieces of sculptural artwork.


There is always something new to try and another technique to perfect.

figurative bronze sculpture statue Nan Phillips

I begin my sculptures using a live model, positioning the model in a way that suits both the model's body and my idea for the piece. As I work and the piece develops, I make subtle changes in position that emphasize my vision, and turn the sculpture into a piece of artwork that speaks of beauty, serenity, and strength.


I build with clay to the model's measurements, frequently using anatomy books and my own body to check the positioning of bone and muscle.


Creating the skin of the sculpture is what I particularly enjoy.  Accentuating bone, muscle and skin folds allows me to breathe life into my work.


I find that when I sculpt, I am at absolute peace with the world.

abstract cast sculpture Nan Phillips

Every now and then I get an urge to play with other material and techniques and expand my horizons.  My abstract work is often done in conjunction with other artists.


And the results are just plain fun!

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